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O holy, blessed, glorious Trinity
Of persons, still one God in Unity, The faithful man's believed mystery,

  Help, help to lift

Myself up to thee, harrowed, torn, and bruised By sin and Satan, and my flesh misused. As my heart lies--in pieces, all confused--

  O take my gift.

All-gracious God, the sinner's sacrifice, A broken heart, thou wert not wont despise, But, 'bove the fat of rams or bulls, to prize

  An offering meet

For thy acceptance: Oh, behold me right, And take compassion on my grievous plight! What odour can be, than a heart contrite,

  To thee more sweet?

Eternal Father, God, who didst create This All of nothing, gav'st it form and fate, And breath'st into it life and light, with state

  To worship thee!

Eternal God the Son, who not deniedst To take our nature, becam'st man, and diedst, To pay our debts, upon thy cross, and criedst

  All's done in me!

Eternal Spirit, God from both proceeding, Father and Son--the Comforter, in breeding Pure thoughts in man, with fiery zeal them feeding

  For acts of grace!

Increase those acts, O glorious Trinity Of persons, still one God in Unity, Till I attain the longed-for mystery

  Of seeing your face,

Beholding one in three, and three in one, A Trinity, to shine in Union--
The gladdest light, dark man can think upon--

  O grant it me,

Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost, you three, All co-eternal in your majesty,
Distinct in persons, yet in unity

  One God to see;

My Maker, Saviour, and my Sanctifier, To hear, to mediate,[82] sweeten my desire, With grace, with love, with cherishing entire!

  O then, how blest

Among thy saints elected to abide, And with thy angels placéd, side by side! But in thy presence truly glorified,

  Shall I there rest!

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