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Lord, what am I? A worm, dust, vapour, nothing!

What is my life? A dream, a daily dying!

What is my flesh? My soul's uneasy clothing!

What is my time? A minute ever flying:

My time, my flesh, my life, and I, What are we, Lord, but vanity?

Where am I, Lord? Down in a vale of death.

What is my trade? Sin, my dear God offending;

My sport sin too, my stay a puff of breath.

What end of sin? Hell's horror never ending:

My way, my trade, sport, stay, and place, Help to make up my doleful case.

Lord, what art thou? Pure life, power, beauty, bliss.

Where dwell'st thou? Up above in perfect light.

What is thy time? Eternity it is.

What state? Attendance of each glorious sprite:

Thyself, thy place, thy days, thy state Pass all the thoughts of powers create.

How shall I reach thee, Lord? Oh, soar above,

Ambitious soul. But which way should I fly?

Thou, Lord, art way and end. What wings have I?

Aspiring thoughts--of faith, of hope, of love:

Oh, let these wings, that way alone Present me to thy blissful throne.

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