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Sing, and let your song be new,

Unto him that never endeth;

Sing all earth, and all in you--
Sing to God, and bless his name.

Of the help, the health he sendeth,

Day by day new ditties frame.

Make each country know his worth:

Of his acts the wondered story

Paint unto each people forth.
For Jehovah great alone,

All the gods, for awe and glory,

Far above doth hold his throne.

For but idols, what are they

Whom besides mad earth adoreth?

He the skies in frame did lay.
Grace and honour are his guides;

Majesty his temple storeth;

Might in guard about him bides.

Kindreds come! Jehovah give--

O give Jehovah all together,

Force and fame whereso you live.
Give his name the glory fit:

Take your off'rings, get you thither,

Where he doth enshrined sit.

Go, adore him in the place

Where his pomp is most displayed.

Earth, O go with quaking pace,
Go proclaim Jehovah king:

Stayless world shall now be stayed;

Righteous doom his rule shall bring.

Starry roof and earthy floor,

Sea, and all thy wideness yieldeth,

Now rejoice, and leap, and roar.
Leafy infants of the wood,

Fields, and all that on you feedeth,

Dance, O dance, at such a good!

For Jehovah cometh, lo!

Lo to reign Jehovah cometh!

Under whom you all shall go.
He the world shall rightly guide--

Truly, as a king becometh,

For the people's weal provide.

Attempting to give an ascending scale of excellence--I do not mean in subject but in execution--I now turn to the national hymn, God is our Refuge.

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