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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald

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Babe and mother, coming Mage,

Shepherd, ass, and cow!

Angels watching the new age,

Time's intensest Now!

Heaven down-brooding, Earth upstraining,

Far ends closing in!

Sure the eternal tide is gaining

On the strand of sin!

See! but see! Heaven's chapel-master

Signs with lifted hand;

Winds divine blow fast and faster,

Swelling bosoms grand.

Hark the torrent-joy let slip!

Hark the great throats ring!

Glory! Peace! Good-fellowship!

And a Child for king!


Hark, in the steeple the dull bell swinging

Over the furrows ill ploughed by Death!

Hark the bird-babble, the loud lark singing!

Hark, from the sky, what the prophet saith!

Hark, in the pines, the free Wind, complaining--

Moaning, and murmuring, "Life is bare!"

Hark, in the organ, the caught Wind, outstraining,

Jubilant rise in a soaring prayer!

Toll for the burying, sexton tolling!

Sing for the second birth, angel Lark!

Moan, ye poor Pines, with the Past condoling!

Burst out, brave Organ, and kill the Dark!

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