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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald

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lay and dreamed. The Master came, In seamless garment drest;
stood in bonds 'twixt love and shame, Not ready to be blest.

He stretched his arms, and gently sought

To clasp me to his heart;

shrank, for I, unthinking, thought He knew me but in part.
did not love him as I would! Embraces were not meet!
dared not ev'n stand where he stood-- I fell and kissed his feet.

Years, years have passed away since then;

Oft hast thou come to me;

The question scarce will rise again

Whether I care for thee.

In thee lies hid my unknown heart,

In thee my perfect mind;

In all my joys, my Lord, thou art

The deeper joy behind.

But when fresh light and visions bold

My heart and hope expand,

Up comes the vanity of old

That now I understand:

Away, away from thee I drift,

Forgetting, not forgot;

Till sudden yawns a downward rift--

I start--and see thee not.

Ah, then come sad, unhopeful hours!

All in the dark I stray,

Until my spirit fainting cowers

On the threshold of the day.

Hence not even yet I child-like dare

Nestle unto thy breast,

Though well I know that only there

Lies hid the secret rest.

But now I shrink not from thy will,

Nor, guilty, judge my guilt;

Thy good shall meet and slay my ill--

Do with me as thou wilt.

If I should dream that dream once more,

Me in my dreaming meet;

Embrace me, Master, I implore,

And let me kiss thy feet.

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