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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald

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Once more I build a dream, awake,

Which sleeping I would dream;

Once more an unborn fancy take

And try to make it seem!

Some strange delight shall fill my breast,

Enticed from sleep's abyss,

With sense of motion, yet of rest,

Of sleep, yet waking bliss!

It comes!--I lie on something warm

That lifts me from below;

It rounds me like a mighty arm

Though soft as drifted snow.

dream, indeed!--Oh, happy me Whom Titan woman bears

Afloat upon a gentle sea

Of wandering midnight airs!

breeze, just cool enough to lave With sense each conscious limb,

Glides round and under, like a wave

Of twilight growing dim!

She bears me over sleeping towns,

O'er murmuring ears of corn;

O'er tops of trees, o'er billowy downs,

O'er moorland wastes forlorn.

The harebells in the mountain-pass

Flutter their blue about;

The myriad blades of meadow grass

Float scarce-heard music out.

Over the lake!--ah! nearer float,

Nearer the water's breast;

Let me look deeper--let me doat

Upon that lily-nest.

Old homes we brush--in wood, on road;

Their windows do not shine;

Their dwellers must be all abroad

In lovely dreams like mine!

Hark--drifting syllables that break

Like foam-bells on fleet ships!

The little airs are all awake

With softly kissing lips.

Light laughter ripples down the wind,

Sweet sighs float everywhere;

But when I look I nothing find,

For every star is there.

lady lovely, lady strong, Ungiven thy best gift lies!

Thou bear'st me in thine arms along,

Dost not reveal thine eyes!

Pale doubt lifts up a snaky crest,

In darts a pang of loss:

My outstretched hand, for hills of rest,

Finds only mounds of moss!

Faint and far off the stars appear;

The wind begins to weep;

'Tis night indeed, chilly and drear,

And all but me asleep!

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