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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald

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Years have passed o'er my broken plan

To picture out a strife,

Where ancient Death, in horror wan,

Faced young and fearing Life.

More of the tale I tell not so--

But for myself would say:

My heart is quiet with what I know,

With what I hope, is gay.

where I cannot set my faith, Unknowing or unwise,

I say "If this be what he saith,

Here hidden treasure lies."

Through years gone by since thus I strove,

Thus shadowed out my strife,

While at my history I wove,

Thou wovest in the life.

Through poverty that had no lack

For friends divinely good;

Through pain that not too long did rack,

Through love that understood;

Through light that taught me what to hold

And what to cast away;

Through thy forgiveness manifold,

And things I cannot say,

Here thou hast brought me--able now

To kiss thy garment's hem,

Entirely to thy will to bow,

And trust thee even for them

in the darkness and the mire Walk with rebellious feet,

Loose trailing, Lo, their soiled attire

For heavenly floor unmeet!

Lord Jesus Christ, I know not how--

With this blue air, blue sea,

This yellow sand, that grassy brow,

All isolating me--

thoughts to mine themselves impart, My thoughts to thine draw near;
thou canst fill who mad'st my heart, Who gav'st me words must hear.

Thou mad'st the hand with which I write,

The eye that watches slow

Through rosy gates that rosy light

Across thy threshold go;

Those waves that bend in golden spray,

As if thy foot they bore:

I think I know thee, Lord, to-day,

Shall know thee evermore.

I know thy father thine and mine:

Thou the great fact hast bared:

Master, the mighty words are thine--

Such I had never dared!

Lord, thou hast much to make me yet--

Thy father's infant still:

mind, Son, in my bosom set, That I may grow thy will.

My soul with truth clothe all about,

And I shall question free:

man that feareth, Lord, to doubt, In that fear doubteth thee.

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