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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald (Parables)

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  Willie speaks.

Is it wrong, the wish to be great,

  For I do wish it so? I have asked already my sister Kate;

  She says she does not know.

Yestereve at the gate I stood

  Watching the sun in the west; When I saw him look so grand and good

  It swelled up in my breast.

Next from the rising moon

  It stole like a silver dart; In the night when the wind began his tune

  It woke with a sudden start.

This morning a trumpet blast

  Made all the cottage quake; It came so sudden and shook so fast

  It blew me wide awake.

It told me I must make haste,

  And some great glory win, For every day was running to waste,

  And at once I must begin.

I want to be great and strong,

  I want to begin to-day; But if you think it very wrong

  I will send the wish away.

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