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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald (Parables)

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"Bonny lassie, rosy lassie,

  Ken ye what is care? Had ye ever a thought, lassie,

  Made yer hertie sair?"

Johnnie said it, Johnnie seekin

  Sicht o' Mally's face, Keekin i' the hedge o' holly

  For a thinner place.

"Na," said Mally, pawky smilin,

  "Nought o' care ken I; Gien I meet the gruesome carline,

  I s' hand weel ootby!"

"Lang be licht o' hert, Mally,

  As o' fut and ban'! Lang be ready wi' sic answer

  To ony speirin man!"

"Ay, the men 'll aye be speirin!

  Troth, it's naething new! There's yersel wi' queston, queston--

  And there's mair like you!"

"Deed ye wadna mock me, Mally,

  Wi' yer lauchin ee, Gien ye saw the thing aye muvin

  I' the hert o' me!"

"Troth, I'm no sae pryin, laddie,

  Yon's no my concern! Jist as sune I wud gang speirin

  What's intil yon cairn!"

"Still and on, there's ae thing, Mally,

  Yont yer help, my doo-- That's to haud my hert frae lo'in

  At the hert o' you!"

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