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The Poetical Works of George MacDonald

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Will do: shall know: I feel the force,

The fullness of the word;

holy boldness held its course, Claiming divine accord.

What if, as yet, I have never seen

The true face of the Man!

named notion may have been A likeness vague and wan;

A thing of such unblended hues

As, on his chamber wall,

humble peasant gladly views, And Jesus Christ doth call.
story I did never scan
With vision calm and strong;

Have never tried to see the Man,

The many words among.

Pictures there are that do not please

With any sweet surprise,

gain the heart by slow degrees Until they feast the eyes;
if I ponder what they call The gospel of God's grace,

Through mists that slowly melt and fall

May dawn a human face.

What face? Oh, heart-uplifting thought,

That face may dawn on me

Which Moses on the mountain sought,

God would not let him see!

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