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George MacDonald
George MacDonald


  • Phantastes: A Fairie Romance for Men and Women (1858)
  • "Cross Purposes" (1862)
  • Adela Cathcart (1864), containing "The Light Princess", "The Shadows", and other short stories
  • The Portent: A Story of the Inner Vision of the Highlanders, Commonly Called "The Second Sight" (1864)
  • Dealings with the Fairies (1867), containing "The Golden Key", "The Light Princess", "The Shadows", and other short stories
  • At the Back of the North Wind (1871)
  • Works of Fancy and Imagination (1871), including Within and Without, "Cross Purposes", "The Light Princess", "The Golden Key", and other works
  • The Princess and the Goblin (1872)
  • The Wise Woman: A Parable (1875)
  • The Gifts of the Child Christ and Other Tales (1882; republished as "Stephen Archer" and Other Tales)
  • The Day Boy and the Night Girl (1882)
  • The Princess and Curdie (1883), a sequel to The Princess and the Goblin
  • The Flight of the Shadow (1891)
  • Lilith: A Romance (1895)
  • Realistic fiction

  • David Elginbrod (1863; republished as The Tutor's First Love), originally published in three volumes
  • Alec Forbes of Howglen (1865; republished as The Maiden's Bequest)
  • Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood (1867)
  • Guild Court: A London Story (1868)
  • Robert Falconer (1868; republished as The Musician's Quest)
  • The Seaboard Parish (1869), a sequel to Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood
  • Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood (1871)
  • Wilfrid Cumbermede (1871–72)
  • The Vicar's Daughter (1871–72), a sequel to Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood and The Seaboard Parish
  • The History of Gutta Percha Willie, the Working Genius (1873), usually called simply Gutta Percha Willie
  • Malcolm (1875)
  • St. George and St. Michael (1876)
  • Thomas Wingfold, Curate (1876; republished as The Curate's Awakening)
  • The Marquis of Lossie (1877; republished as The Marquis' Secret), the second book of Malcolm
  • Paul Faber, Surgeon (1879; republished as The Lady's Confession), a sequel to Thomas Wingfold, Curate
  • Sir Gibbie (1879; republished as The Baronet's Song)
  • Mary Marston (1881; republished as A Daughter's Devotion)
  • Warlock o' Glenwarlock (1881; republished as Castle Warlock and The Laird's Inheritance)
  • Weighed and Wanting (1882; republished as A Gentlewoman's Choice)
  • Donal Grant (1883; republished as The Shepherd's Castle), a sequel to Sir Gibbie
  • What's Mine's Mine (1886; republished as The Highlander's Last Song)
  • Home Again: A Tale (1887; republished as The Poet's Homecoming)
  • The Elect Lady (1888; republished as The Landlady's Master)
  • A Rough Shaking (1891)
  • There and Back (1891; republished as The Baron's Apprenticeship), a sequel to Thomas Wingfold, Curate and Paul Faber, Surgeon
  • Heather and Snow (1893; republished as The Peasant Girl's Dream)
  • Salted with Fire (1896; republished as The Minister's Restoration)
  • Far Above Rubies (1898)
  • Poetry

  • Twelve of the Spiritual Songs of Novalis (1851), privately printed translation of the poetry of Novalis
  • Within and Without: A Dramatic Poem (1855)
  • Poems (1857)
  • "A Hidden Life" and Other Poems (1864)
  • "The Disciple" and Other Poems (1867)
  • Exotics: A Translation of the Spiritual Songs of Novalis, the Hymn-book of Luther, and Other Poems from the German and Italian (1876)
  • Dramatic and Miscellaneous Poems (1876)
  • A Book of Strife, in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul (1880), privately printed
  • The Threefold Cord: Poems by Three Friends (1883), privately printed, with Greville Matheson and John Hill MacDonald
  • Poems (1887)
  • The Poetical Works of George MacDonald, 2 Volumes (1893)
  • Scotch Songs and Ballads (1893)
  • Rampolli: Growths from a Long-planted Root (1897)
  • Nonfiction

  • Unspoken Sermons (1867)
  • England's Antiphon (1868, 1874)
  • The Miracles of Our Lord (1870)
  • Cheerful Words from the Writing of George MacDonald (1880), compiled by E. E. Brown
  • Orts: Chiefly Papers on the Imagination, and on Shakespeare (1882)
  • "Preface" (1884) to Letters from Hell (1866) by Valdemar Adolph Thisted
  • The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke: A Study With the Test of the Folio of 1623 (1885)
  • Unspoken Sermons, Second Series (1885)
  • Unspoken Sermons, Third Series (1889)
  • A Cabinet of Gems, Cut and Polished by Sir Philip Sidney; Now, for the More Radiance, Presented Without Their Setting by George MacDonald (1891)
  • The Hope of the Gospel (1892)
  • A Dish of Orts (1893)
  • Beautiful Thoughts from George MacDonald (1894

  • Lilith

    Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood
    Richard Bannerman's Boyhood

    Princess and the Goblin
    Princess and the Goblin


    Back of the North Wind
    At the Back of the North Wind